New Pattern Machine Input Output Questions: The Right Approach

Machine Input Output forms a major part of the Reasoning section in Bank as well as Insurance exams. They are commonly asked in the mains exam of IBPS Clerk mains, IBPS RRB Scale 1 officer mains, SBI Clerk Mains , SBI PO mains, IBPS PO mains and insurance exams like NIACL, LIC AAO etc. Also questions based on Machine Input Output are observed in Pre level exams also like SBI PO Pre and IBPS PO Pre, where level of difficulty is comparatively higher than the clerical exams.

Here we will discuss the importance of machine input output asked in various bank and insurance sector exams along with the questions based on new and old pattern asked in the bank exams previously. All the patterns of machine output as per the previous exams are being described accompanied with the tricks that can help you in solving such questions with full accuracy and lesser time. Attempt the quizzes on new and old pattern machine input output for free. So, let’s step in to the path of excellence! Let us describe the different patterns of Machine input output questions asked in previous bank and insurance exams.

Old pattern based Machine Input Output questions

In the old pattern of Machine Input Output questions, words and numbers are given in a random manner which are then arranged following a specific pattern to obtain the final output. The pattern is exercised in various steps of the output.

Example of Old Pattern machine input output:

When a word and number arrangement machine is given an input line of words and numbers, it arranges them following a particular rule. The following is an illustration of an input and its rearrangement (all the numbers are two-digit numbers):

Input: 31 exide core 25 35 ruin none 42 23 goal
Step I: core exide 25 35 ruin none 42 23 goal 31
Step II: exide core 25 35 ruin none 42 goal 31 23
Step III: goal exide core 25 35 ruin none 31 23 42
Step IV: none goal exide core 35 ruin 31 23 42 25
Step V: ruin none goal exide core 31 23 42 25 35

And step V is the last step of the above arrangement as the intended arrangement is obtained. As per the rules followed in the given steps, find out the appropriate steps for the given input.

Input: root flow 33 43 each 73 thin mine 12 62 drop 54

Short Tricks to solve old pattern machine input output questions


1. Identify the pattern through examining each of the steps of given illustration

The very first step to solve the machine input output questions is to closely observe the changes that are taking place throughout the steps. In the given example, we can observe that the words are arranged as per alphabetical order and shifted towards the left end, whereas the numbers are arranged based on sum of their digits in ascending order. Numbers are shifted towards the right end.

The sum of digits of ‘31’ is’ 4’ i.e. the lowest, thus it is rearranged first.

‘core’ starts with ‘C’ that comes first as per the alphabetical order, thus it is rearranged first.

Keeping this technique in mind one can crack any type of question based on old pattern machine input output.

2. Thorough application of the identified pattern

After identification of the pattern in the given illustration, exercise it carefully and thoroughly in the asked input to obtain all the steps of output correctly.

Using the above mentioned logic we can identify various steps to reach the final output.

Input: root flow 33 43 each 73 thin mine 12 62 drop 54
Step I: drop root flow 33 43 each 73 thin mine 62 54 12
Step II: each drop root flow 43 73 thin mine 62 54 12 33
Step III: flow each drop root 73 thin mine 62 54 12 33 43
Step IV: mine flow each drop root 73 thin 54 12 33 43 62
Step V: root mine flow each drop 73 thin 12 33 43 62 54
Step VI: thin root mine flow each drop 12 33 43 62 54 73

3. Practice.. Practice and a lot of Practice

We all know that “Practice makes a man perfect” and that is true indeed. Regular practice of the old pattern machine input output questions will help you in identifying the pattern more swiftly. The faster you identify the pattern, the quicker you will solve the question.

Please click the below link for detailed explanation and more quizzes on old pattern machine input output.

Old Pattern Machine Input Output Questions

New pattern based Machine Input Output questions

With a few exams like SBI PO mains and IBPS PO Mains, a new pattern of machine input output is observed. Here are a few questions on the new pattern input output.

Example of New Pattern machine input output Questions:

New Pattern Input Output Questions Pattern 1

The first step has been obtained by multiplying the digits in input. No other step uses multiplication concept. They are obtained by applying certain logic. Numbers of step II have been obtained by using at least 1 digit of each number in step 1. Each step is a resultant of previous step.

Tricks to master new pattern machine input output questions

1. Be focused while reading directions
In today’s scenario where pattern is getting changed with every new exam, directions play an important role in solving the question. With new pattern, directions also keep changing. Thus carefully read the directions first and accordingly make the strategy.

2. Identification of Logic
The next most important step is to identify the pattern that has been followed in the illustration in order to attain the output. The logic may or may not change in each step, that is dependent on the directions and nature of question.

3. Hard work and Regular Practice
Hard work and regular practice is the basis key with excellence can be achieved. Here, at we believe to give quality content with new pattern questions to the users which can enrich their learning experience.

Please refer the below link to check the detailed solution and point-wise explanation of the above mentioned example and other questions based on new pattern machine input output.

New Pattern Input Output Quiz Set No. 12

New Pattern Machine Input Output Questions Pattern 2

Consider the following steps for given input and read the instructions to reach the last step:

Input to step 1:

Step 1 to step 2:

Step 2 to step 3:


Input to Step 1: Only letters are exchanged on the basis of the arrows given.

Step1 to 2:

If both letters are the consonants, change both letters with the preceding letter and add 1.
If there is one vowel and one consonant, change both the letters with the succeeding letter and less 2.
If there is only one letter, add 2.

Step 2 to 3: It follows some pattern which is different form the one used above.


Tricks to master new pattern machine input output questions:

1. Meticulous scrutinizing of the given details 
In this sort of question some of the details are already given in the question. Process to reach till step 2 is already described in the question, one should work on reading skills to quickly understand the logic.

2. Thorough application of information
After careful reading the next most important step is the thorough application of the mentioned information. Without this we may get faulty output because any of the steps till step 2 may contain error. Therefore, not only reading but prim exercise is also an important task.

3. Pattern identification
To make students familiar with these type of new pattern based machine input output questions, we at have come up with a wide range of tests, that will not only help you in practicing more questions but will positively affect your time and accuracy management skills.

Please check the below link to get the detailed solution of the given example and for other questions of this sort.

Questions of New Pattern Input Output Questions Set No. 13

New Pattern based Input Output Questions Pattern 3

This is the latest pattern machine input output question observed in SBI PO Mains and RBI Grade B exam.

Directions: An alphanumeric machine accepts letters as input and delivers output in form of numbers through different steps. Each step is obtained by applying an operation different from the previous step. Each step gives output taking input from the previous step. Below mentioned is an illustration of the same.

Input: glory gained through resolving conflict between these personalities

Step1: 8 6 10 12 12 8 6 14

Step 2: 2 2 4 8

Step 3: 2 4

Step 4: 10

Step 4 is the final output.

On the basis of above illustration find the output and different steps for the following input.

Input: decreasing glaciers result from the melting snow valley

1. Underline the important points of the given Information

First and foremost thing is to identify the important points from the given information, here the important thing that one should keep in mind to crack the pattern is that every single step is based on a unique mathematical operation. Keeping this thing in mind one should move forward.

2. Identify the pattern at each step

Since each step is a result of different mathematical operation, thus one has to identify the logic as well as the performed mathematical operation at every single step.

3. Practice is the key

Again practice is the key to master such sort of machine input output questions. Regular practice will keep you in sink with the analytical mindset, so that you will be able to think in broader aspect. This will definitely help you identifying the logic more swiftly.
Please click the below link to see full explanation of this question and don’t forget to practice more questions on new pattern machine input output.

Latest and New Pattern of Machine Input Output Questions

We hope that this article has helped you in boosting up your preparation for the upcoming exams like RRB Scale 1 officer mains, RRB Office Assistant Mains,  IBPS PO Pre, IBPS PO Mains, IBPS Clerk Pre, IBPS Clerk Mains.

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