Hi IBPS PO 2018 Exam Aspirants!

Now when IBPS PO, the biggest Bank exam of the year, is around the corner, all of you must be leaving no stone un-turned to stay ahead in the race with an aim to see your name in the final list. Keeping the intense competition and ever changing pattern of Bank exams in mind, we at Smartkeeda have worked really hard and come up with IBPS PO 2018 Test Series based on new pattern which will not only test your knowledge and test taking skills but also will it help you prepare for the expected surprises in the real exam.

We, with a vision to help every single exam aspirant, would like you take these specially designed IBPS PO Pre Test Series 2018 for free and get absolutely prepared for this coveted exam.

How to get IBPS PO Pre 2018 Test Series for absolutely Free?

You can get IBPS PO Pre Free Test Series 2018 designed by Testzone by following the method discussed below:

Write a review about Testzone in your own words.

  • Step 1. Take the IBPS PO Pre 1st Test which is available for Free and analyse the Test on the basis of – Quality of questions as well their explanation, Test Analysis features and Relevance of the questions as per the new pattern.
  • Step 2. Go to any of the links mentioned below and write a ‘detailed and honest’ review about Testzone and its services.


Link 1. Which test series is good for IBPS PO 2017–2018?

Link 2. Which is the best IBPS test series online that follows IBPS pattern and predicts rank?

Link 3. Which online test series is best for Bank PO exam?


  • Once you complete the review writing part, please mail us your Review answer link with your Testzone Registered Email ID to info.smartkeeda@gmail.com. Your plan will be activated in next 4 business hours. The subject line for this mail will be – “Kindly activate Free IBPS PO Pre Test Series plan”

What makes Testzone Test Series for IBPS PO 2018 different from the rest?

To get to know the complete list of features that we offer, take SBI Clerk 2018 Free Test now or kindly read the answer written by our Co-founder Mr. K S Vipin on Quora.

Here’s the link: Which test series is good for IBPS PO 2017–2018?

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s join hands together to build an even better and affordable Test Preparation platform that can help every single exam aspirant reach zenith of success in his or her life.

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