Para-jumbled Sentences based on new pattern

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Here we are with 10 Questions of new pattern based Jumbled Sentences. This type of sentence rearrangement questions have been featured in IBPS Clerk Pre 2017 exam and the same type of questions is most likely to appear in upcoming SBI Clerk Pre 2018 exam.

In new pattern Parajumbles, a sentence is generally divided in 4 parts which may or may not be jumbled up and a candidate needs to rearrange these parts or fragments into a meaningful sequence that makes a grammatically correct and contextually logical sentence.

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Example of a New Sentence Rearrangement Question:

Q. with a group of top executives of the US aluminium (A) / and steel industries, suggesting that domestic steel (B) / and aluminium prices and profits were the prime considerations in arriving at the ­decision (C) / the announcement of the import tariffs came at a meeting (D) /

E. No rearrangement required

As you must be able to observe in the above sentence, the sentence is broken into 4 parts and we need to go through all the parts carefully to find the opening fragment first. At the same time we can use elimination technique to cancel out options that could not be the correct answer.

In the given group of fragments, fragment B is starting with ‘and’ and evidently, it can’t be the opening fragment. This eliminates option D straightaway.

Now, if we read the rest of the fragments carefully, we can observe that the word ‘meeting’ at the end of the opening fragment is more appropriate to connect with the phrase ‘with a group’ rather than with the conjunction ‘and’  (the starting word of both the fragments B and C). Hence, options A and B get eliminated as well.

Ex. We had a two hour long meeting with a group of government officials regarding the issue.

Hence, this confirms DABC as the correct sequence of the fragments.

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