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As SBI Clerk 2018 Exam is approaching, here’s another set of a Floor based Puzzle Test  for you to practise.

Below is the summary of the Puzzle for you to attempt.

Puzzle Test Set No. 28 for SBI Clerk 2018 Exam

Puzzle Summary:

In the wedding ceremony of one of the most famous cricketers Yuvraj Singh with Hazel Keech, the who’s who of the Cricket world get together. The renowned Commentators (i.e.) Harsha, Farock, Sunny, Sanjay, Venkatesh, Ravi, Shashtri, Navjot, Singh and Sindhu are invited to attend the marriage and their stay was arranged in a hotel of four floors. Each floor in this hotel has 3 unique suites – Suite 101, Suite 110 and Suite 111 in the same manner from left to right. The ground floor is taken as floor one and the floor on the top is taken as fourth floor. Each of the suites is designed in such a manner that suite 101 of second floor is just above suite 101 of first floor and likewise.

Some additional information is given below;

Harsha has a peculiar habit that he never stays on an even numbered floor and in an even numbered suite.
Shashtri stays in the suite just above Farock’s.
Sidhu and Singh stay on the same floor and no one else is staying with them on that floor.
The two suites in which no guest is staying are on even numbered floor and even numbered suite.
The suite between Venkatesh’s and Navjot’s is unoccupied and Venkatesh stays in one of the suites above Navjot’s.
Ravi stays in an odd numbered suite which is to the left of Navjot’s.
Sidhu and Sunny both stay in the suite which is numbered 101.
Harsha stays on the floor just above Shashtri’s floor and Sunny stays on one of the floors on which one suite is vacant.

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High Level Reasoning Puzzle for SBI Clerk 2018

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