We first of all thank you for your interest in Testzone and its services. Here’s a brief account of the features that set Testzone apart from other Test Series platforms.

Testzone offers you Smart Interfaces.

How it helps?

1. If you are one of those candidates who get stuck to a particular question and waste their crucial on difficult questions, Testzone offers you an interface that raises an alarm when you go beyond an average user time on a particular question.

2. Besides, this interface lets you filter ‘Easiest’ questions among all and help you understand the difference between the two scores – first, when you usually attempt a test and second, when you pick the easiest questions first.


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Testzone analyses your performance like no other platform does.

After Test Analysis is of utmost importance as it helps you understand a lot about yourself which otherwise goes unnoticed. Except some common features like – Rank, Percentile and Accuracy percentage Testzone offers some really great features –

‘Topper vs You’ and ‘Your past Test vs You’.

At Testzone under every single Analysis point, you are provided with an option to check your performance with respect to topper’s or your past test score.

Speed Analysis

Under this tab you get to know the topic preference of yours in comparison to topper’s or that of your past test in 4 quarters of total test duration on a single window. A very crucial piece of analysis that lets you get a sneak peek of topper’s strategy.

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My Strong vs Weak Areas

Under this tab, you get to know your strong and weak areas in terms of Percentage, Accuracy and Speed per question. This is a great tool to understand the topics that are high in weight-age and your performance in the same.

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Some more equally great features to come

We at Testzone keep on adding value to our offering and we are soon going to add some more equally exciting features that help you score even better in your next Big exam.

Testzone offers you Smart Explanation

We, at Testzone, try and provide our users with all the available explanations – Traditional as well as explanation with Smart Approach so that you are able to solve a question either way.

Testzone the best test series for ssc cgl tier 1

best test series for ssc cgl

Variance in Tests

Keeping the surprises exam aspirants witness in competitive exams in today’s era, we, at Testzone, offer tests of different levels of difficulty – Easy, Moderate and Difficult just to make sure that you stay prepared for any surprises, whatsoever.

Test on Test Analysis

This awesome feature keeps a track of your performance on difference scale – Pathetic, Poor, Average, Good and Target Zone. You just need to click on ‘My Performance Graph’ tab and you’ll be able to view your performance curve on a single screen. The parameters we have used here are your percentile, accuracy and ability to pick easy questions.

Testzone Test Series for SSC CGL

SSC CGL Test Series Package at Testzone

Testzone offers 20 Full Length Tests for SSC CGL Tier 1 Test and 10 + 10 Tests for CGL Tier 2. The Tests can be taken both on a Desktop and on a Mobile phone device with absolute ease.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the free mock test now and experience all the features yourself.

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