Interviews- in their primitive essence- is an exercise of “mining” more about a particular candidate and has largely been relied upon by various organizations to filter out candidates from different domains. With time, interviews have undergone a paradigm shift though its essence has remained the same. The shift is in the form of type of questions asked, advent of different forms of interviews and different methods being applied to test a particular candidate.

But, with modernization came a lot of misinterpretations. The misinterpretation has largely been stemmed by the buzzing articles flowing across all the social media platforms. These articles have aggravated the hoopla regarding the interview and has sent a lot of candidates packing even before facing the actual grind.

And soon, misinterpretations converted into myths which have carried themselves over a period of time. So, next time you step into an interview room, leave these myths out of the room to ace the interview:

# Myth 1: It is a test of your knowledge.

Interviews are never about testing your knowledge. If checking your knowledge was their primary motive, why “prelims” and “mains” are conducted these days? They have done enough filtering in terms of your knowledge and interview is a test of “who you are” and “what you can bring to the table”. It is a test of your confidence, your ability to absorb pressure, to swallow difficult situations.

During my SBI Interview, I was asked “What is India’s current GDP Growth rate?” Puzzled with the figures, I could not answer a seemingly easy question. I politely declined the answer to the question. Had the question been asked to check my knowledge, I would have been shunned out of their final list for sure.

#Myth 2: It is an interrogation and not a conversation.

Interview is always a two-way street. And that is the very purpose of interview. If at any point of time, an interview goes one way; either party has lost the plot. Interview is primarily a conversation between two parties where in both of them try to dwell deeper into each other to come into same page. Interviewers just want to know more and more about you, about yourself, your life so far etc. Take it as a conversation and it will ease a lot of pressure.

#Myth 3: You are expected to answer every question.

Candidates feel disappointed if they can’t answer a particular question, be it an easy one or a tough one. With tougher questions, you still have that “soft corner” but simple questions invite regrets with it. The truth is, you are not at all expected to answer every question. In this quest of answering every question, candidates start making wild guesses which ruins their chances to a large extent. The funda is simple: If you don’t know an answer to a particular question, politely say “No”. After all, declining is also an art.

#Myth 4: Wearing a business jacket would increase chances of selection.

Few days back, I received a mail from this aspiring candidate asking me about how I got selected even though I went into interview wearing a half-sleeved shirt. In fact, on the day of interview, the official who was checking my documents grudgingly said to me “You should have worn a full sleeve shirt in an interview” and I said to myself “This barely makes a difference.”

Of course, business jackets give you that professional look but it can never cover up for your verbal deficiencies. The truth is, dress formally as there is no ground breaking rule that “wearing business jackets increase chances of selection”

Myth 5: If I have answered all the questions, my interview went well.

A lot of candidates who miss their name in the final list scratch their heads because they feel the victim of a conspiracy. They claim that their interview went very well and they had answered every question asked but let me repeat this again “they are not there to check your knowledge”. A lot of it depends upon how you have answered them because making wild guesses doesn’t qualify as an answer. Hence, if you have answered all the questions too, chances might be that you still might miss the final cut.

Words of Wisdom:

“Be who you are, present yourself as real you and succeed. Interview is never about how much you know, it is always about how you use whatever you know.”

All the best.

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