How difficult is it to clear SBI PO 2017 exam in first attempt?

It is one of the most difficult exams after CAT. As you have already stated that almost 25 lac students are going to appear and the number of vacancies is a meagre 2k, you are nowhere close to even touch the cut off marks let alone clearing it. It’s better to opt for a job where you can earn a decent living and live your life peacefully.

Whatever I just wrote is absolutely false and rubbish. In fact, cracking the SBI PO exam is a cake-walk and you too can clear it just by 20–30 days of preparation. Even I cracked the IBPS PO 2016 exam without even studying for a single day. When others can do it, why can’t you?

Did you observe your emotions when you went through each of the above two paragraphs? You must have felt a bit disappointed reading the first one and the second one must have charged you up. But in reality, neither of the view points is going to help you achieve your aim, if cracking SBI PO exam is one. But instead, if you get to know the gap between your current level of preparation and the level required to crack the exam, you would at least have some path to tread upon and can reach the destination sooner or later.

The first thing which I would like you to get rid of this ‘fear’ of failure because ‘difficulty’ is relative in nature. What’s difficult for you, might sound easy to me and what’s difficult for me, might look easy to you. So what you should do –

  1. Take a mock test considering it an actual exam. You can go to Testzone and take a free Test of SBI PO Pre exam. Take this test with utmost seriousness. We at Testzone create every single Test working really hard. Analyze the results. The features at the platform will truly help you analyze your performance in depth and the insights would surely help you understand your strong and weak areas on a single click.
  2. Make a list of the topics which have high weight-age as far as SBI PO Pre and Mains exams are concerned. Once again you can refer to Testzone and can get the list under “Topic Analysis” tab.
  3. Start working on your strong areas and keep sharpening them every day. Plus, try overcoming your mistakes and improve upon the weak areas as well.
  4. Keep taking Mock Test each week and keep a track of your performance to understand your growth.

We hope it helps. All the best!


Vipin K. Shakya

Co-founder, Testzone & Smartkeeda

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