How should I prepare for SBI PO 2017 exam in 30 days?

Step 1. Take a mock test of SBI PO Pre exam today as you would take the actual exam. If you are able to clear it comprehensively, go for taking a mock test of the Mains the next day.

How it helps?

It would help you understand your current level of preparation and you would also get to know the level you need to reach to clear the exam.

Step 2. Make a list of high priority topics and do a rigorous revision of each of them religiously.

How it helps?

Every exam shows a pattern and no matter how difficult a paper has been set, questions from some topics have to be there for sure and if you keep solving the questions of different levels you somehow would be able to gain a decent score, if not the top one.

Step 3. Take a Computer based Mock Test with utmost importance.

How it helps?

I have observed a lot of students taking mocks casually. Some tend to submit the test way before the actual test time and some just take it as if someone has forced them to. A computer based Mock Test must be taken with absolute seriousness as it would help you show your performance growth. I’m not sure about other Test Series players but at Testzone you can always compare your current test performance with that of your previous test and moreover, under the “My Performance Graph” tab you can see your performance curve over all the tests you take at Testzone at a time. It is actually your performance chart from the first to the current test.

Plus, a Computer based Mock Test helps you understand how you performed at different yet important parameters such as Accuracy, Speed, Question Preference and Time Distribution.

Why are these parameters important?

In exams like SBI PO percentile, accuracy and Question preference are far more important than your percentage marks or the number of attempts. Last year, when SBI PO was set all time difficult those that could pick the easiest among the difficult questions, sailed through and until you develop the habit of keeping an eye on your level of accuracy or the kind of questions you pick during an exam, you won’t be able to improve your performance.

Step 4. Keep a gap of 3 days between two Mock Tests. It’s not the number of tests you take but what you do between two tests, makes the difference.

Students generally have this tendency of taking Mocks simultaneously without giving a bit of their time to analyse their past performance or to overcome their weaknesses. It doesn’t help, it never won’t. When you finish a Test you must look for the questions which were actually easy but you couldn’t even consider it to give them a try while some questions must be there which were relatively difficult and you somehow got stuck to them and wasted a lot of your crucial time. You should also go through the explanation because it might happen that you solved a question applying a traditional method while the question could be solved through a simple trick or intuitively.

How it helps?

You would be able to invest time in improving your weaknesses and work on the areas or topics which could help you maximize your score in the actual exam.

We hope it helps. All the best!

PS: We’ve built Testzone keeping all the important points/features discussed in the answer. You can take a free test at the platform and share your test taking experience with us. It would truly help us become a better test preparation platform.

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